About Me

About Me


I'm Enny Nova Grey Jole. Professionally, I go by E.N.G. Jole.

My pronouns in professional spaces are they/them/theirs. I use she/her/hers in personal spaces. I'll be writing on why I use these sets in these spaces at a later date.

Currently, I am a support engineer for a accounts payable software-as-a-service company. I work with bash, SQL, and Python mainly, and am also into functional programming and DevOps. But I have many different hats outside of that.

In the academic world I do work in philosophy and linguistics. I'm interested mainly in the subfields of: moral psychology, philosophy of language, metaphilosophy, philosophy of science, experimental philosophy, & leftist political philosophy within philosophy; and semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics, queer linguistics, and metalinguistics in linguistics. My academic homepage is here.

In the artistic world I am a photographer and writer, with some general visual art interests. My photography site is here. I may consolidate my artistic sites in the future.

I am also a host for the podcast Department of Gender and Power. Our site can be found here.

This site serves as sort of a meta-site: things about me, rather than what I do. Partially blog, partially personal, partially professional.